4th NovAliX Virtual Conference

Biophysics in Drug Discovery

Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

 Virtual Event    November 17, 2022

Description of Talks

  • Dr Marc O'Reilly, VP of Molecular Sciences at Astex Pharmaceuticals
    The Combined Use of Structural Biology and Biophysics at Astex for FBDD

    Talk summary: Dr O'Reilly will talk about how Astex is continuing to evolve its fragment- and structure- based drug discovery (FBDD & SBDD) capabilities and how these are being deployed versus increasingly challenging and complex drug targets.

  • Dr Iris Alroy, CSO of Anima Biotech Inc.
    Discovery of Small Molecule mRNA Drugs and their Mechanisms of Action using Phenotypic Screening with AI-driven MOA Elucidation

    Talk summary: Anima’s mRNA Lightning platform has generated many novel chemical entities that modulate mRNA translation, further contributing to the expanse of the RNA-targeting small molecule field. Anima's phenotypic screening approach systematically evaluates the impact of small molecules on mRNA translation into proteins. Combined with AI-driven MOA elucidation, Anima has identified and validated compounds that are binding to proteins which regulate mRNA translation, offering an opportunity for both tissue-selective and target-specific modulation. Anima’s lead programs in fibrosis and oncology have demonstrated efficacy in animal and patient-derived models and are advancing towards preclinical development.